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  New map object
  Performance optimizations
  New Drag & Drop functionallity
  Support for alpha channels 
  Round corners on rectangle objects
  New start dialog
  New templates
  New object gallery

Powerful and creative development of multimedia in a web format with MultiMedia Lab® products.

MultiMedia Lab® makes revolutionizing quick and easy creation of advanced presentations, websites, e-learning solutions, documentation and instructions with a professional quality without any programming skills needed.

No programming skills needed

Easy Drag & Drop functionallity

Excellent overview of folder structure

Publish your work with only two clicks

View sample projects created in MultiMedia Lab


About MultiMedia Lab
Thanks to the inbuilt logic and flow in the program, it is easy to incorporate the different components to a functional application in HTML format. The advanced functions are easily created with a single mouse click. The layout can be edited easily with drag and drop.

In MultiMedia Lab® interactivity, pictures, texts, sounds, films, animations, buttons and links are saved directly in web format. Create forms, automatized menus, sprite animation, transforming effects, transparency and layers on graphical objects. Import pictures and saved objects from the Gallery. Import files directly from MS Office and show them dynamically in the web-browser. Publish AutoCAD-drawings through the WHIP object. Use the inbuilt TTS to make speech with any SAPI 4/5 voice.
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MultiMedia Lab 7.0

New features in this version